Monday, March 15, 2010

Dam ok blog 10

so ok i guess i missed this blog my bad Mr. Kohara. so in class we are studying about gravity and the conservation of energy and kinetic and potential energy and just today in fact i saw brother drop his jello that he was eating on the ground. As it fell i first thought ohh no, but when it hit the ground i realized that i could possibly use jello for our egg drop experiment. Because it is soft and has give but it also is sprining. But im not to sure weather or not you would consider jello as a liquid or a solid. I mean it was cool to see it fall and not break. I mean it fell from about 4 feet and didnt break or anything so i mean it could possibly work but we will just have to watch and see. Because it slowly would stop the eggs because it is soft and would be a cuzhion but hard enough that it would explode on impact. Or at least it dint from my brothers mouth.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blog 12

The other day was driving to my gf's house and it had just been raining and when it stoped i looked ahead up the road and i saw a double rainbow. It was sick so i pulled over on the road and took a pic of it. A rainbow is caused when light refracts off the inside of the rain drops at different heights to create a rainbow a double rainbow is caused by the same principle but its just light is hitting the rain drops in more than one place.

Blog 11

So the other day i was driving home and this park by my house always has these kids sliding down this hill on card bpard boxes. So i stoped at the trafic light and was watching them. I notcied that the small kids sometimes didnt go and the really big kids held the box in place so it didnt move. And this got me thinking of physics and how momentum and force and friction all play a major part in our society. That no matter what we do physics has some sort of impact. The friction caused by the grass and the weight of the kids sometimes had a great effect either not letting the kid move or by gaining to much speed cuz there was not enough friction. I think we should all go box sliding its super fun and involves alot of physics.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok so my dad wears glasses because he has bad vision, he has a hard time reading so he has glasses that make the words bigger. These are called converging lense glasses because they allow someone o look at something enlarged so they can see it. He hardly wears them though only when he is trying to read the newspaper, or he will just hold the paper out and away from him so he can read it. His convering lenses glasses arnt that bad but still it is a concept that we have covered in class. Lenses.

Blog #

So this past weekend i was watching the football games and i saw the flag flying in the wind. At the time i didnt thik about physics but I realize that was physics working at its simplilest. So the flag was blowing and it created a standing wave it blew in the wind and they filmed it for quite a while. The wind blows on the flag causing part iof the flag to ripple then the wave continues throughout the entire flag until it is flowing in the wind.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Man my week end was so boring i didnt do anything, Ohh wait what did i do on friday tha was super fun, and crazy, wait me and the team did something that has never been done in Div II before, Ohh snap i almost forgot we 3 peated this week end. 3rd staright Div II state Football title. It was crazy, but anyways was cruzin down the street on the east side of da island, and it was kind of windy, not really and these people had their Hawaiian Flag flying in da wind, at first I was like aurite somemore proud Hawaiians, then i thought about my physic blog, so i took a pic with my phone, cuz us guys dont carry cameras with us. So yea proud moment in physics, transverse waves.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Radford blog post

So yea i was puting gas in my truck by my house this past wekend and i was thinking about what picture i could take for my blog. So i was looking around and i totally forgot that there was a power substation right across the street. So yea we are learning about transformers and about how they reduce the voltage in the wires. So i took a picture with my phone but i havnt been able to put it on i will try again tonight to put it on so yea. Power Substation on Salt Lake Blvd.